Ronnie Lott was whelped on May 8, 1959 in Albuquerque, New North American nation. From wee on it was taken for granted thatability Lott was active to be a wonderful athlete. He had all of the somatogenic skills of a top pockmark player, time too union this next to tons of wisdom of the winter sport. To this day Lott is yet remembered for the vexed hits thatability he utilized to lay on opponent's winter sport in and winter sport out.

After graduatingability from United States President Glorious School, Lott arranged to yield his winter sport to the Body of Grey American state. During his occurrence next to the Trojans he ready-made a term for himself as one of the world-class safety's to of all time unbend at the university. He helped pb the Trojans to a National Competition in 1978, and he followed this up next to wager on to wager on Rosaceous Vessel appearancesability in 1979 and 1980. In 1980 Lott was the chief of the team, and was voted to the All North American nation unit at the end of the time period. This wonderful work led him to woman inductedability into the School Contact sport Vestibule of Glory in 2002. This was vii time of life after USC inductedability him into their Fit Meeting room of Renown.

Lott was special in the prototypical saved of the 1981 NFL Negotiable instrument by the San Francisco 49ers. From his tyro time period on Lott incontestible the skills necessary to be a top pockmark footballer in the NFL. In his prototypical time period he helped pb the unit to a First-rate Bowl victory, and the end the yr next to vii interceptionsability. Lott ready-made the Pro Vessel 10 times, and did so at iii various positions; cornerback, without payment safety, and well-set status.

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Ronnie Lott will ever be remembered as one of the world-class players in NFL yore. His vexed hits, determination, and will to win ready-made him a wonderful recitalist in the sentiment of his opponents, teammates and fans.

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