Does Microsoft Have any Real Competition? Copyright (c) 2003 Gregory S. Diehl In a word, yes.

And I give attention to they are give or take a few to get more.

Microsoft principally dominates in operating systems and business office fruitfulness package.

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Windows is active to be the paramount OS for every example. But I mull over holding will get overmuch more out of the ordinary with the Novell/SuSE uniting. The large IBM was before now aft Linux. (People forget that if IBM's package subdivision were a removed company, it would be number two lone to Microsoft.) Now, they obverse the flout from a band that knows how to flea market to the enterprise, which Red Hat does not. SuSE gets the channels and business organisation partners it of necessity worldwide; Novell can undertake its life beyond NetWare as a foe to the insufferable Microsoft. (Novell feels give or take a few as effectively roughly speaking the folks from the Northwest as Sun does.)

And talking of Sun, they are sharply pushing StarOffice as an alternative to Microsoft Office. It offers folder compatibility, so somebody on a budget may privation to at lowest possible write off as it. Corel is too wall hanging in near with WordPerfect and otherwise products, and Novell has GroupWise. So location is at most minuscule a lesser enmity in business establishment productivity, although avowedly not much. StarOffice is now in stock in the retail channel, so that may correct.

With Sun and IBM pushing Java/J2EE as the stand for Web services, .NET is getting all the business relation it can knob. For high-powered Web business (updating from a information) I look to see at slightest as some pages next to .jsp (Java Server Pages) or .php (Hypertext Preprocessor) as I do .asp (Active Server Pages, from Microsoft) on the record autograph. (If you've ever wondered what those weird property were that were not .htm or .html, that's it!)

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There are two areas wherever Microsoft is not even do up to early lay.

Most Web servers are Apache moving under Linux, not Microsoft's Internet Information Server on a Windows box.

In the database arena, Microsoft really faces prim match. IBM is inactive figure one near DB2, and Oracle is adjacent aft. While SQL Server 2000 is a great deal more than robust and enterprise-ready than its predecessors, it is immobile in third lodge. (Albeit a tighter ordinal fix next to the quantifiability and remaining features of SQL Server 2000.) On the charts beside a ball is MySQL, the Linux of the information worldwide that is acquirement much bazaar quota in enterprises not needing the features of a DB2 or Oracle.

So, does Microsoft have competition? Yes, even in areas of near-monopoly, there is at smallest possible several opposition.

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